Welcome to the Page-Nelson Society of Virginia

Welcome to the Page-Nelson Society of VirginiaWelcome to the Page-Nelson Society of VirginiaWelcome to the Page-Nelson Society of Virginia

About the Page-Nelson Society


 The Page-Nelson Society is an organization of documented descendants of two immigrants from the British Isles, Col. John Page, who arrived about 1650 from Middlesex (in the present London borough of Hounslow) to settle in the Lower Peninsula of Virginia, and the Honorable Thomas "Scotch Tom" Nelson, from Penrith (in present-day Cumbria), who settled in Yorktown about 1703. Membership also includes associates who are in the process of verifying their descent from one or both of those immigrants.


 The Society was founded in 1994 by Cecil Wray Page, Jr. (1920-2011) of Gloucester, Virginia, a descendant of both Colonel John Page and the Honorable Thomas Nelson. Membership includes Nelson and Page descendants residing in 35 states in the U.S. and several other nations, including Argentina, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Individuals unrelated to the Page or Nelson families are also welcomed as Friends of P-NS, a new category initiated to support the Society's scholarship program.


 The twin missions of the Society are preservation of historic documents and education, with provisions for specific activities in these areas, designed and implemented for the benefit of the general public.

Because the Page-Nelson Society of Virginia is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, donations to support its activities are tax-exempt. 

The Society's Missions


 Both general missions of the Society utilize the strengths of member volunteers to:

● Aid students who need support at critical points in their academic careers by offering a scholarship.
● Collect and focus attention on historical documents, memorials, artifacts, and buildings associated with Colonel John Page and the Honorable Thomas "Scotch Tom" Nelson and their descendants.

The Society is concerned for the accuracy of historical data, particularly that which is accessible in the public domain. 

The Society supports the research and documentation of information about the relationship of Page and Nelson family members to significant events in the history of our nation. Of particular interest to many is the close friendship between signer of the Declaration of Independence, Governor Thomas Nelson Jr. of Yorktown and Governor John Page of Rosewell.

We also carry on research into the transatlantic origins of the Page and Nelson families.

In keeping with its concern for historic authenticity, the Society issues to its members and some selected document collections a quarterly Newsletter that concentrates on subjects of historical relevance to the Page and Nelson families.



The Society maintains a database containing the names of several thousand descendants of these two immigrants; Colonel John Page and the Honorable Thomas "Scotch Tom" Nelson. The information is kept as current as possible, and in order to ensure its currency and accuracy, all members are requested to check listings periodically and report any new information or make any corrections necessary.   

Associate and prospective members are asked to provide as much information as they can about their Page and Nelson ancestors in order to link with the appropriate lines of descent. One base record for both families is the second edition (1893) of Dr. Richard Channing Moore's Genealogy of the Page Family in Virginia (available in reprint from the Page-Nelson Society). Recognizing that some information contained in this document must be altered on the basis of more recent research, the Society considers the volume a landmark record of the lines of Page and Nelson descent.   

At this time, the full genealogy database is not available to the general public.

2020 Reunion

Plans for the 2020 Reunion are on hold because of the COVID-19 situation.

The Reunion this year will likely be a smaller event in the Fall. The effort to go to the Alderman Library at UVA has been put on hold due to restrictions from entering the Library at this time. Please stay tuned for further information when the PNS Board decides.   

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